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KJ, also known by his musical moniker Mr. YeahBoyy, hails from Hammond, Louisiana, though his roots now lie in McComb, MS, situated within Pike County, Mississippi. A devoted member of East Fernwood Baptist Church in Magnolia, MS, under the leadership of Pastor Jimmy J. Wilson, KJ initially found his musical footing playing keyboard for the choir. It was within this nurturing environment that his extraordinary musical gifts began to emerge, showcasing his proficiency across an array of instruments including keyboard, guitar, saxophone, maracas, bongos, organ, and drums. Alongside his instrumental prowess, KJ displays a knack for composition, effortlessly crafting both music and lyrics.

As time progressed, KJ's talents garnered recognition, leading him to become a sought-after songwriter for esteemed gospel ensembles such as Unlimited Authority, Divinity, and the acclaimed David R. Curry Jr., co-founder of The Mississippi Mass Choir. His involvement extends to serving as a Chapter Representative for The Greater Jackson Chapter Choir (TGJC) of the GMWA.

Guided by his unwavering faith, KJ's musical journey has seen a remarkable transformation from a reserved musician to a prominent figure in the industry. He now adeptly takes on roles as composer, producer, director, and arranger, even assuming engineering duties for his own compositions. When questioned about his lyrical inspiration, K.J. attributes it to divine intervention, expressing how the Holy Spirit channels words that he molds into melodies, enriching the lives of listeners and exalting the divine.

K.J.'s career has flourished under divine favor, marked by numerous accolades, including the prestigious Jackson Music Award for 'Musician of the Year.' His notable works include producing and writing hits such as "So Good" for The Greater Jackson Community Choir (TGJCC), "Praise Inside of Me," and "He's Alive." His talents extend beyond gospel circles, as seen in his instrumental contributions to The Mississippi Mass Choir and his composition and production of "Happy But Not Used" for emerging artist Patrick Michael, a track gaining nationwide acclaim.

In addition to these achievements, K.J. showcased his instrumental prowess at the November 2019 Only4Jesus Concert, accompanying the soul-stirring Williams Singers, further solidifying his place as a musical luminary on both local and national stages.

Furthermore, K.J. has made significant contributions to the music industry through various projects and collaborations. He participated in the creation of the "New Age Gospel Compilation" in August 2022 and played a pivotal role in "New Beginning: A Step Up In Faith Vol 3" in 2023. Furthermore, his instrumental prowess shines in the 2023 album "Ministry With The Maestro's Easy Listening," showcasing his versatility and skill across different genres.

K.J. has left his mark as an instrumentalist for The Mississippi Mass Choir, enriching their performances with his musical finesse. Notably, he has also taken on the roles of producer and engineer for numerous artists across the United States, lending his expertise to enhance their musical endeavors.

His involvement in the soul-stirring Only-4Jesus Concert, featuring the Williams Singers, underscores his commitment to uplifting and inspiring audiences through his music. Additionally, K.J. has showcased his talents as an arranger and producer in collaborations with esteemed artists such as Tammy McCain and Darnell Williams of the Williams Singers.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, K.J. remains dedicated to nurturing emerging talent, ensuring that aspiring singers have opportunities to share their music with the world. His unwavering faith in God, coupled with his diligence and passion for music, has led him to serve as a staff member at Only 4 Jesus International Music, where he fulfills roles as a producer, director, and engineer.

Notably, K.J. has had the privilege of working with esteemed figures in the industry, including Spencer Taylor Jr. and Bishop Marvin L. Winans, producing and engineering their single "Everything Will Be Alright." Furthermore, his dedication to addressing important themes is evident in his song "Better For Me," inspired by his personal struggles with suicide and depression, which he crafted on the talkbox.

Throughout his journey, K.J. remains steadfast in his mission to be a blessing to the body of Christ, attributing all his accomplishments and endeavors to his unwavering dedication to Jesus Christ.

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