There are some things that people who aren't from the South or who haven't spent extensive time around Southerners won't understand such as how sleeping under a tin roof in the rain can be calming, the smell of an oncoming rain shower, and how a tire hanging from a tree can be a source of fun. But among those things they wouldn't understand, our lingo might top the list.

This morning, I heard a young lady ask a man how he'd been doing. This was his response, "Ain gone fuss 'bout it."

I was tickled, but I knew exactly what he meant. Although he might not have been doing so well, he wasn't going to complain as doing so wouldn't improve what had already happened anyway.

I giggled at the exchange and thought there are some sayings that are just Southern. One of my favorite comedians is Darren Knight. His Southern Momma videos KEEP me laughing because I can so relate to everything he says. I've heard many things like them over the years.

Here are some of my favorite Southern sayings (and what they mean):

1. "If the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise." (If God will help it to happen and nothing stands in the way of me getting there.)
2. "Guuuuhhhh/lll...." *complete with a side eye* (Simple. Giiirrrlllll)
3. "Bayyybee, it takes God to tell you." (I don't know, and only God can reveal to you the logic behind it.)

Here's a Southern saying that I've always hated:

"Come out here and help shell them peas!" (If you've heard it, you know EXACTLY what it means. LOL)

Oh wait! One more:

"What kinda Coke would you like?" (When ordering a meal, what would you like to drink? Even if your answer is Sprite, it's a Coke in the South.)

Of course, I've heard the most of these and other sayings from family members and close friends, but I've noticed that a lot of us have some of the same experiences.
What are some of your favorite Southern sayings (other than Roll Tide)?