Most kids dislike the thought of a dress code, so it’s no surprise that a group of boys in Britain have gotten their trousers in a knot over their school’s insistence they wear pants during a heat wave blanketing the country.

Male students at Whitchurch High School are wearing skirts to school to protest the school’s dress code.

One student said it’s a matter of health:

Over the last few days I’ve had a few headaches and skin irritations because I’ve been too hot. Girls can wear skirts, so I don’t see why we can’t wear shorts."

About 17 boys elected to take part in the protest, in which they also chanted, “We want to wear short.” The school didn’t take too kindly to the ‘Dead Poets Society’-‘Tootsie’-esque rebellion and ordered the boys to put their pants back on or risk getting punished.

Students aren’t done, though. They plan to ask the student council to consider changing the dress code. And the school says it will listen to requests.

Let’s just hope the boys are dressed for success when they pitch the idea.

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