He is going to find me, "I thought, I felt my little heart pound faster as I heard my five-year-old cousin's footsteps around the corner. He was coming closer, Five steps away, Three, Two, "Found you!"

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Hide-and-seek. Most have fond memories of playing the game as children. Yet sometimes, in life the fear of being found isn't fun but is rooted in a deep instinct to flee. People may dislike what they see.

As children of fallen world, we are prone to play what a friend of mine calls, a mixed-up game of hide-and-see between God and us. It is more like a game of pretending to hide-because either way, He sees all the way through to our messy thoughts and wrong choices. We know it, though we like to pretend He cannot see.




Yet God continues to seek. "Come out," He calls to us. "I want to see you, even your most shameful parts" an echo of the same voice that called to the first human who hid out of fear: "Where are you?" (Genesis 3:9). Such a warm invitation voiced in the from of a piercing question, "Come out of hiding, dear child, and come back into relationship with Me." It may seem far too risky, preposterous even. But there, within the safe confines of our Father's care, any of us, no matter what we have done or failed to do, can be fully known and loved.


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