Stories from the Bible can somehow make you stop and wonder. For instance, when Moses led God's people into the Promised Land and the Amalgamates attacked, how did he know to go to the top of the hill and hold up God's staff? . We are not told, but we learn that when Moses raised his hands, the Israelites would win the battle, and when lowered them, the Amalekites would win. When Moses became tired, his brother Aaron and another man, Hur, held up Moses's arms so the Israelites could win.

We are not told very much about Hur, but he played a crucial role at this point in Israel's history. This reminds me that unseen heroes matter, that supporters and those who encourage leaders play a key and overlooked role. Leaders may very well be mentioned the history book or lauded on social media, but the quiet, faithful witness of those who serve in other ways is not overlooked by the Lord. He sees the person who intercedes daily in prayer for friends and family. He sees the woman who stack away the chairs each Sunday at church. He sees the neighbor who reaches out with a word of encouragement

Whether we realize it or not, God is using us, even if our task feels insignificant or unimportant. We should at all times notice and thank any unseen heroes who help us throughout the days.

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