As the new school year approaches, parents are probably as anxious as the students who will either be returning to the classroom or participating in virtual learning.

Those going into the classroom will have the advantage of direct interaction though the possibility of contracting the novel coronavirus remains.

Those participating in virtual learning will be around fewer people per day, but they won’t have the same level of interaction with their teachers.

Most parents are pleased with the opportunity for their children to engage in virtual learning as a means of decreasing possible exposure to the virus, but there are some who would still pass on their children learning from home because they feel ill equipped to provide the necessary support for success.

Assistance is available for such parents through PARA Active Classrooms.

The Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority states in a media release that it is collaborating with schools to provide an option for working parents while schools are in a virtual school year. K-8th grade learners in will experience a daily schedule including remote learning support time, physical activity, recess, group games, enrichment, arts and crafts, and more.

While there is still concern for exposure to COVID-19, Active Classrooms are said to follow guidelines by the CDC, ADPH and federal, state and local governments. Active Classrooms will be organized in small groups or pods of no more than 15 to improve program safety. In addition, students will be required to wear masks to enter the Activity Center, and social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

Centers will operate at every PARA facility except the McAbee Center. In addition, a hybrid program with Mind Changers and the YMCA will operate at the McDonald Hughes Center.

The cost to attend an Active Classroom is $20 per day or $90 per week, with registration the week prior. Attendees will be required to bring lunch and two healthy snacks, a water bottle, a towel or mat for sitting, and educational materials in addition to their face coverings/masks. All belongings should have the student’s name written on them with permanent ink.

For information on registration and more, click here.

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