Happy Father's Day, MEN! We know that your responsibilities as men is hard enough, and fatherhood just adds to that. So, in honor of this great day, I dedicate these to you: My Top 5 Father's Day songs!

1. Gerald and Eddie Levert- "Wind Beneath My Wings"

2. Jill Scott- "The Fact Is (We Need You)"

3. Angie Stone- "Brotha"

4. Jay Z- "Glory"

5. Beyonce- "Daddy"

Love you, guys... Especially George A. Gibson, George W. Gibson, M.B. Legrone, George L. Lavender (R.I.P.), Romel Gibson, Jared Gibson, Brandon Gibson, and Jeremie Watkins.

Special thanks to Sean Arrington for providing me with the greatest gift ever!