As the search for two escaped prisoners continues in New York, the Associated Press surveyed the country to find out how many escapees are listed as on the loose. The results are alarming for the state of Alabama. 

The AP found that 130 state prisoners are currently listed as escapees and more than 10 percent of those escaped from facilities in Alabama. A total of 16 Alabama inmates have never been found, which is more than double the third-highest state on the list. However, there's no telling how many of those are still alive today.

The oldest prisoner on Alabama's list escaped in 1929 from a prison in Montgomery that no longer exists. There's a good chance he's of no danger to anyone in 2015.

The most recent was 47-year-old Helen Graham, who broke out of Tutwiler in 1998 and still hasn't been captured 17 years later.

But if Alabama's statistics are bad, the state of Florida's are atrocious. Nearly half of the escaped prisoners in America broke out of lockups in the Sunshine State.

As you can see in that list, California and Ohio didn't provide any data so there's no way to determine how high the total number actually is. We do know that it's at least 133 because three California prisoners are among the most infamous escapees of all-time.

For those that prefer the half-full perspective, you'll be happy to know that 24 states don't have any open cases on file.