God Will Forgive You Will You Forgive Yourself?

You say that the bottom has fallen out of your life! Hear my cry for help! Listen hard! Open your ears to my cries for mercy. If you kept records on wrongdoings who would stand a chance? It turns out that forgiveness is your habit...that's why you are worshiped. However, God's forgiveness is worthless unless you receive it by faith and then forgive yourself. You may say, "But what about my past?" The amazing thing is that the very moment that you receive God's forgiveness you no longer have a past, you only have a future. However, you absolutely must do the following things: (1). Realize that everybody fails. Samson failed by getting too close to the wrong woman (Judges 16). Jonah failed by attempting to run from the assignment that God had given him (Jonah1:3). Peter failed when he denied Jesus (Matthew26:34). Yet God forgave and used all three men for his glory. (2). You must process your emotions. Regret, Frustration, Self-pity, Paralysis. Your emotions are lying to you, don't believe them. (3). When you fall, get back up. "Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again"(Proverbs 24:16). Notice, the righteous as well as the unrighteous fall. In other words, we all fall at some point along the way. So be like the lady who said, "I am never down. I'm either up, or I'm getting up!" So how about it, are you ready to get up and make a real effort to try again? If so, God will work with you.

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