Alright folks, hear me out before I get called silly in the comments. Yes I know Alabama is in the midst of heat wave and I know things just get hot quickly.

But recently I've noticed that the water coming out of my faucet when I turn the cold handle isn't exactly cold. It's more somewhat lukewarm. Which has got me worried for reasons.

Look I'll be the first to admit there's a lot I don't know about home maintenance, but slightly warm water coming out of the faucet when I need cold water to wash my hands or brush my teeth is troubling.

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Yes I know warn water is better for killing germs and such, but with how hot it gets in Tuscaloosa, you get it. We all need a relief from the heat. So where we go from here?

There's no problems with the faucet itself, since it stills provides water when handles are turned. But has the copious amount of heat basically warmed up the pipes around my apartment?

If that's the case then I can deal with it no problem, because at some point the heat will go away because winter is a thing that happens yearly thankfully. But if this continues then things could be more worrisome.

So should I get in touch with apartment maintenance to make sure things are ok? Or should I wait until this heatwave subsides to make a more accurate assessment?

Also, keeping washing your hands everyone! Clean hands are the best hands.

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