A house listed for sale "As Is" usually means the seller is unable or unwilling to spend any money to repair it or make it attractive. Any necessary repairs or desired improvements are the responsibility of the buyer after the purchase is complete.

How remarkable that when Jesus died, He paid the highest price for each of us, regardless of our condition. Revelation 5 outlines a scene in heaven where only "The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David" is found worthy to open and read a sealed scroll. He appears as a Lamb and becomes the object of praise in a new song.

Jesus willingly purchased us for God with His blood. We were bought "as is", faults, defects, needed renovation included. By faith we are now under His ownership, in the process of being remodeled for God's glory. Isn't it wonderful that God knows us inside and out. No renovation project is too big for Him.