Have you heard of Kenny Washington? He was the man to break the color barrier in the NFL. According to Change.org, a 5th grade class is working to have him placed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Surprised he's not already there? So were we!

Kenny Washington made history a year before Jackie Robinson integrated baseball and put an end to the ban on African-Americans from what is now known as the NFL. Of course, this did not come without opposition. However, in his three seasons with the Los Angeles Rams, Washington still accumulated a total of 859 yards, 8 touchdowns, 6.1 yards per average rushing, and a 92 yard run from scrimmage, a still-running 69-year record for the Rams!

The 5th graders at Johnson City Intermediate School in Johnson City, NY think it's time to give Kenny Washington the honor he deserves by being named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you agree, click "Like" and "Share" after you visit this website and sign the petition.