Good news for football fans: it's FINALLY going to feel like fall when you hit the Quad Saturday! Please, take a moment to look at the National Weather Service in Birmingham's forecast for Tuscaloosa this weekend.

NWS Birmingham

DO YOU SEE THAT? The high Saturday is 78. NOT 98. NOT 88.


I am literally crying right now. Sunday's high is 77--and please note that when you wake up Sunday morning in your post-game day stupor, you may need a cardigan because it's going to be 54 DEGREES OUTSIDE.

That means I'm not going to melt when I'm outdoors. Who knows--maybe my hair won't turn to a ginormous ball of frizz the moment I cross my house's threshold. Maybe I'll even wear actual shoes and not flip flops (probably not).

Perhaps it's all the pumpkin spice prayers I've said after lighting Yankee Candles--but something is definitely working here. I'm sure we have a few more hot days ahead of us, but knowing that we've got a perfect weekend on the way makes everything alright.