Many Facebook users are pleased with the debut of a new "reaction" emoji: the 'Care." Story.

At a time where those who rely on interaction with others are forced to go without it, those who are sick are being isolated, the bereaved are not able to hold funerals, and so much more.

It's sometimes hard to express sympathy to some Facebook posts.  The "Like" or "Love" just doesn't seem appropriate; and the "Sad" reaction can sometimes be a catalyst for depression rather than encouragement.

The "Care" emoji is quite the accurate reaction to some situations.

Now more than ever, showing you care is of the utmost importance to those who are in dire need of knowing someone does. If someone falls on your mind, be sure to reach out to check on him or her. For those who don't use social media, a call or text could mean the world. Take the time to show you care today!

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