Sunsets. People tend to stop what they are doing to watch them . . snap pictures of them . . . enjoy the beautiful view. My wife and I watched the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico recently. A crowd of people surrounded us, mostly strangers who had gathered at the beach to watch this nightly phenomenon. At the very moment the sun fully slipped below the horizon, the crowd broke out with applause.

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Exactly why do people respond like that? The book of Psalms offers a clue. The psalmist wrote of God ordering the sun to praise its Creator . And wherever the rays of the sun shine across the earth, people  are moved to praise along with them.

The beauty that comes to us through nature speaks to our souls like few things do, it not only has the capacity to stop us in our tracks and captivate our attention./ it also has the power to turn our focus to the Maker of beauty itself.


The wonder of God's vast creation can cause us to pause and remember what's truly important. Ultimately, it reminds us that there is a Creator behind the stunning entrance and exit of the day. One who so loved the world He made that He entered it in order to redeem and restore it. Join God in taking delight in all that He has made.


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