The city of Northport and the Tuscaloosa County Commission have reached an agreement earlier this month for Northport firefighters to begin servicing area of the northwest area of the county.

Prior to the change, the lead rescue agency for all of Tuscaloosa county was the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service.

Northport Fire Rescue Capt. Jason Norris spoke with the Tuscaloosa News and said the department's growth has given them the personnel and apparatus that allows them to provide the service. “Having stations, personnel and apparatus in close proximity to these areas made it an easy decision,' Norris said. “Our mission is to provide timely responses to those residents of our county, who are very important to us.”

Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Stan Acker, who helped create the agreement between the county and Northport said, “We just need to work out the nuts and bolts, and things like this always takes a little time to work out.”