It's really no secret that Alabama Football Players can basically do anything on the football field. But there's always that one question of what they can do off the field. And apparently it includes knowing how to play the snare drum.

Recently, this video was posted to the Alabama Football Twitter Account:

Yes this warms my heart immensely, and it's so fun to see the players and band members interacting. Certainly during my time in the MDB I've interacted with players all the way dating back to freshman year. Funnily enough, I didn't know he was an Alabama football player until the bowl game of that year.

He passed me when we doing a tunnel for the team to walkthrough while we played Yea Alabama, but I digress.

The respect between these two entities is certainly upheld. Saban comes to talk to band, while the MDB sends out a pep band to help the freshman players learn the fight song. And honestly it's one of things I miss most about lugging a tuba around for 8 hours, the mutual understanding we're both there to perform to the best of our ability.

Truth be told, it's going to be a rocking atmosphere when we're back to 100% capacity, with the full band and team ready to take the field. But this is also a reminder to get vaccinated for COVID so we can have more MDB and Alabama Football player moments.

One request though...anyway we could get Saban to wear a sousaphone one time? That sounds like a photo that needs to be taken. I know Miss Terry would find it humorous!

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