Right now my son Nuppy is 6 weeks old and things have gotten tough! Since moving him up to Alabama from Florida and having the time change with daylight savings, his sleep schedule has been off. On top of that, we recently found out he had eczema and it has been bothering him for quite some time.


At first we thought it was allergies and washed EVERYTHING in the house with baby laundry detergent. Days later we found out it wasn't allergies. Let me tell you how being a parent of a newborn, you learn how to Google EVERYTHING! LOL. We almost became unofficial doctors for any issues you may encounter with a newborn from birth to 6 weeks. After searching Youtube for hours, and making some calls to friends who are experienced in the parenting game and they helped out so much!


This last week has taught us that we don't know everything and that's ok! There is no manual for raising or caring for your kids. Also, if you need help, it's ok to ask others that you know and trust for help. If you or someone you know are having issues with eczema, check out this Youtube video we found helpful!





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