No matter what happens in your life, try to keep things in perspective. When you do not, you wind up viewing minor problems as major ones. Perhaps you find yourself doing the very opposite, treating significant situations as "no big deal." Either tendency to maximize or minimize leads to problems.

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Do your best to see things as they actually are and don't let them get blown out of proportion. Develop the habit of looking at the big picture, instead of dwelling on the one issue that has caused you to be upset. Thinking excessively about your problems makes them appear larger than they actually are.

When you run up against a situation that upsets you, deal with the panic before you try to deal with the problem. Sit down quietly, calm yourself, and take time to purposely recall the good things you enjoy. The truth is worry never goes away. When you resolve one issue, another one is waiting to take place.


So what should you do? Simply change your perspective! Instead of focusing on your worries, factor God into the equation. Has He ever failed you? Certainly not, and He never will! The very grace of God that sustained and brought you through the last worrisome situation will be with you in this situation and the next one too.

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