In the city of Tuscaloosa, sports are a big deal...

Like a really big deal!

While it would appear that the University of Alabama leads the way, over in West Tuscaloosa is a small, private Presbyterian college where the athletics program has been masterful in recruiting top of the line athletes.

The men's basketball team at Stillman College has been playing since October and has a winning season so far. Click here for their current record.

Many of the men's games are preceded by the Lady Tigers.  Click here for their record so far. 

Stillman Baseball has yet to begin, but it's better to have the schedule in advance to be sure you can attend as many games as you'd wish.

ALL athletes in our city can use as much support as they can get; and tickets to events for Stillman Athletics are very affordable.  Attending sporting events are also a great way to spend time with your family. So, go ahead and set your calendar.

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