Television can be a powerful tool for evangelism; however, some of what is being shown on this media is not evangelism, but pure abomination,outrage, disgrace, and yes a pure  atrocity.While eating my dinner on last week, I watched a live television talk  program about the Word of God, and a caller called in and asked about a reality show about preachers of LA and Preachers of Detroit.

Well thanks to cable TV, I was able to view one of these programs. Upon viewing I first became angry at some of the things I witnesses, but then my anger turned into weeping and groaning because I knew that this was not entertainment by these Shepherds, but this was really, yes really, their everyday lifestyles played out on television.

Instead of being a constructive tool for evangelism, it was a stumbling block to the Body of Christ. Yes, this reality, yes this everyday lifestyle of the shepherds was a hindrance to many, especially, our young people.