It takes a special breed to get an MBA.

The American University of London has been left red-faced after it awarded an MBA to a dog.

Britain’s BBC Newsnight created a fake resume for a dog named Pete, along with an application for the degree, to see if the school was on the up-and-up. AUOL never bothered to do a background check, but did get a check to cover the $7,300 fee, so it quickly fired off the degree to Pete a few days later.

What can a pooch possibly study to warrant a diploma -- Intro to Drinking Toilet Water? Can it pledge a frat called Alpha Dog? Does it get in trouble for going to a bar and slipping "woofies" into coeds' drinks?

The university admits it’s not an accredited school, but does say it’s perfectly legitimate. Still, five states in the US reportedly have the school blacklisted, while one – Texas – has made it illegal to use it to help get work.

As for Pete, since he is a dog we think that instead of "cum laude," he should've graduated "bark loudly."


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