Do You Understand Your Desires?

The Bible speaks about what we are to do, and can be taken in two ways: the ought of obligation or the ought of opportunity. The very first kind refers to your duty. You ought to pay your taxes, you ought to keep your animals on a leash, you ought to take your driver's test. The second kind gives you life. You ought to take a break, see the world, etc. The "oughts" of Jesus' message is mainly the ought of opportunity.  You will become aware of this, you may even start feeling guilty because your desire for God does not run deep enough. The real problem is, we can't make ourselves desire God more by simply telling ourselves that we should. However, He is so gracious and patient in desiring us to want Him, that He is willing to work with this kind of honesty. That is why we find in the Bible, "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good."(Psalms 34:8) The word "taste" is an invitation from a confident one. You don't have to commit to eating the whole enchilada, just try a taste and if you don't like it you can skip the rest. The truth is that the more you read God's Word and pray, the more rewarding it becomes and the more you are actually drawn into it. Yes, it begins as a discipline. But when you stick with it, it becomes a delight.Serve the Lord with gladness because nothing else will enable you to actually go the distance.

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