There is nothing cute about a child engaging in adult activity!

“Baby, he holds his liquor like a grown man!”

“My two-year-old twerks better than that!”

“And can cuss! He can’t be any older than 5, but he can cuss better than anybody!”


First of all, crass and vulgar activity isn’t becoming to adults either.  There is something WRONG with adults who encourage bad behavior among themselves, but to see those who are in developmental stages engaging in the same activities and think they’re cute is quite disgusting.

Yet with the growing popularity of social media, all too often, we’re exposed to minors who’ve lost their innocence too soon.  Under-developed minds often take the backseat to over-developed bodies, and those who SHOULD know better and work to combat exposure to the difficulties of life often opt to rush it instead, saying things like, “Well, they’re going to hear/see it one day anyway.”

That may be true, but nothing says it has to happen immediately, and even if minors do things on their own, they aren’t to be celebrated.

In recent years, there has been an influx of videos being shared that depict young people performing sexual acts.  There should never be a time when an adult thinks it’s within reason to share anything dealing with a child engaged in a sexual act. It doesn’t matter who recorded it, or “how well” the child performed.

You may not be a pedophile, but the following is related to and contributes to pedophilia:

  1. Inappropriate pictures or video of children.
  2. Children’s participation in inappropriate photo or video shoots.
  3. Comparing a child’s inappropriate acts to those of an adult’s.
  4. Seeing a developing child and growing excited about how he or she will look as an adult.
  5. Sharing photos or videos of children in inappropriate positions.

Have you ever thought about whether or not you contribute to the delinquency of minors? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I ever passed a child anything to smoke?
  • Have I ever given a child an alcoholic beverage?
  • Rather than correct a child who does something wrong, have I asked the child to repeat it and laughed about it?
  • Have I told a child to say something disrespectful to another child or an adult?

We can't claim to be concerned about the youth and then share or encourage negativity. We have to do better.

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