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A great way to get your kids outdoors this summer and fight off the pandemic blues is with some games from years past.

I had a Facebook friend post a question that simply asked, “What were your favorite games to play as a kid?” What a great question. I quickly respond that I was the Pompano Beach Champion of Miss Mary Mack and the Rockin’ Robin!!!! Runner up for kickball & H O R S E! There were tons of comments on favorite games that ranged from dodge ball, red rover, hopscotch, jumping rope, and more. We need to bring these games back for kids to enjoy now.

Seriously, when is the last time you saw kids playing marbles, or even the hacky sack?

Here is a collection of throwback games that you could teach your kids this summer:

(Source) To learn more about how to play hopscotch from WikiHow, click here. For more from Ice Breaker Ideas, click here.  For more from American Profile, click here.

Throwback Games For Kids

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