You can’t escape Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram without the red flag emoji popping up. These red flags symbolize warning signs about people. People are on their tangents about red flags.

Lord knows I’ve ignored some red flags over my dating life, work relationships, and family situations. According to Cnet, the Twitter platform saw a “455% increase over the last week in tweets using the emoji in the US. Tuesday saw 1.5 million red-flag-emoji tweets globally.

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Twitter even tweeted one of their red flags that had me laughing for hours.

MTV came in for the kill too.

But, babyyyyyyy the tweet that the PGA GOLF sent out ... was ... everything to me!

Since I’m so well versed in crazy relationships, I’m a pro at spotting red flags now. I figured I’d give you the dating red flags of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

You’ll Only Find These Dating Red Flags in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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