The Alabama Department of Public Health has identified 76 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in 24 hours, according to new figures tracking the pandemic's spread through the state released Wednesday morning.

The ADPH reported 206 confirmed cases statewide in their Tuesday morning report, and Wednesday morning that number has climbed to 283 cases.

There are 99 cases of the virus in Jefferson County, 36 in Shelby County, 29 in Lee County, 21 in Madison County and 10 each in Tuscaloosa and Mobile Counties, although Mayor Walt Maddox estimates the area's true case count could be triple that number -- more than 700 of the 1,000 material samples collected in Tuscaloosa County last week were deemed insufficient or soiled by the ADPH, which is likely artificially deflating the county's numbers.

The ADPH has now successfully processes 2,818 COVID-19 tests. 283 patients tested positive.

The state's death toll remained at zero Wednesday morning. In the US, the virus has killed around 800 people. Globally, it has claimed nearly 20,000 lives.

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