A group of my friends on Facebook recently had a discussion regarding dating, and I wanted to know the general consensus.  Originally, the question was posed to women, but in that discussion, a number of scenarios were brought up. So, I'll keep it gender neutral: Could you date a person with no car?

My first thought was that because I have such an active life and because public transportation in Alabama is so limited, I wouldn't want to date a man without a car.  Then, I considered some exceptions: a man who may have recently totaled his vehicle, a recent divorcee in a one-vehicle family who let the ex have the car, a man who isn't supposed to be driving for medical reasons, etc.

Honestly, I think I'd give it a try for a little while, but if he doesn't have a car within a few months of dating me, it's time for me to go.  (Of course, this does not include the man who SHOULDN'T drive.) Oddly, though, I don't even think he would be to blame. I'd blame myself for not giving him the drive or incentive to get his own.  If I'm not making him want to be better, it's no sense in us being together. Furthermore, it wouldn't last because when he asks if I can pick him up, he'd get tired of hearing, "Nah, I'm pressed for time."

So, although I don't see myself STAYING with a man who has no car, I can see myself giving it a try.  What about you? Could you date a person with no car?