Like any Southerner worth her salt, I flipped my lid when I found out Grapico was celebrating its centennial with a limited-edition anniversary bottle. The iconic southern soda comes in a glass bottle and even features a throwback formula made with real sugar--and I must have it IMMEDIATELY.

I am not much of a soda drinker, but I will make an exception for my beloved. Grapico is EVERYTHING. It is superior to all other regional sodas, and it's infinitely better than any grape soda that's ever been on the market (come at me, Faygo lovers). Is there anything better than an ice cold Grapico enjoyed at a backyard barbecue? I THINK NOT.

Unless you count Grapico Ice Cream (BAE--click HERE for my secret family recipe) or these Grapico cupcakes from Dreamcakes.

Man, I could talk about Grapico all dang day--but that's not what this is about.

This is about me, and my borderline psychotic need to acquire all the limited-edition Grapico I can get my vienna sausage fingers on.

So, dear reader, have you seen my baby out and about? I've been to two Wal-Marts, a Winn-Dixie, and a Publix--and so far, no dice.

WHERE CAN I FIND THIS LIMITED-EDITION GRAPICO? Tell me, as I must know. If I don't get a bottle of it soon, I will probably die. Comment below or hit me up on Twitter to help me on my quest to find the precious.

Once I know where to go, I will drive there IMMEDIATELY and proceed to go all Supermarket Sweep up in the soda aisle.


PS: I will also accept any/all gifts of Grapico at the station. Money, too--if you're feeling generous.