The food truck movement hasn't quite hit the state of Alabama as hard as other regions of the country, but these restaurants-on-wheels are beginning to pop up all across Birmingham and slowly making their way to Tuscaloosa. 

Next month, the newest food truck will pull out of the garage and hit the streets of Birmingham with a rather unique focus: tater tots. Tot Spot wants to take the popular side dish and transform it into a culinary experience fit for a city situated in the heart of the south.

One of the people behind Tot Spot is Birmingham native Michael Cannova. The 2004 graduate of the University of Alabama has lived in New York since 2006 and built a successful advertising career in the Big Apple, but he said wants to keep his connection to the Magic City.

"I chose Birmingham because I grew up there and have always had a deep love for it. I've loved watching the city transform over the past decade. People are becoming more proactive in its heritage and culture and beginning to revive old neighborhoods that were once abandoned. Its resurgence has been a slow process but it is rapidly gaining momentum. As a huge fan of culture and community, I want to be part of it."

The concept seems simple but Tot Spot has developed some delicious-looking menu items that are featured on their Instagram account. 

"We are making both russet and sweet potato tots as the base and the topping choices will range from American classics like sausage and gravy over tots to more eccentric things like kimchi over sweet potato tots. We've got a lot of exciting concepts that we will be rolling out over our social media channels leading up to launch in June."

"The one menu item I'm most excited about is our Cinnatots, which is surprisingly one of our simpler concepts. They are handmade organic sweet potato tots tossed in cinnamon and sugar with cream cheese icing. They essentially become delicious donuts. In the test kitchen they were a favorite and ended up being made every night because we couldn't get enough of them. It's that perfect balance of sweet and savory. I think people are going to love them."

The truck hopes to start serving in June with a focus on downtown Birmingham. They have already been contacted by some breweries and bars to park near, but they also plan to be available for private events and weddings.

But what about Tuscaloosa? Could we see Tot Spot around downtown or parked near campus on a gameday this fall? There would be local ordinances to navigate, but Cannova said it would be a natural fit.

"First, Roll Tide! I have such a love for the University of Alabama. I was inspired by my time there so much. Ideally, I'd love to have one there as a permanent fixture. I think Tot Spot is perfect for campus life. It's fast, easy and delicious without breaking the bank. We also will have a rotating menu so that it never gets old.

"Now my dream would be to have Tot Spot have a concession window space within the stadium so that come game day everyone can enjoy tots. It's a perfect game day food and stadium friendly. Getting Tot Spot to Tuscaloosa is definitely a priority so hopefully we will be making a few guest appearances this football season to celebrate with the rest of the fans."