Editor's Note: This story was written by an employee at our sister station, WTUG, but we agree that Brother A is such a special person so we wanted to share it here as well.

I've worked for WTUG since January 2003, beginning as an intern and moving to the Quiet Storm before settling into middays in 2007. Since Day 1, Fradell Amerson-- or Brother A, as he is affectionately known --has been a significant part of my life.

Brother A works for WTSK, one of our sister stations. I have to be at work by 5am, and he has always made it to work before me, except for when I worked overnights at UPS and came straight from there to the station.  I would recline my seat in my car to take a nap, and I used Brother A's arrival as an alarm that it was time for me to wake up and get to work.  On the days that Brother A was not here by 4:35, I'd call him to make sure he was ok. Every time, it was a day he'd be off and had someone else to work in his place.

Do you know what kind of a legacy that is? I remember a few months ago when one of my close friends lost her mom. Church members went to check on her because she didn't show up for church and hadn't called anyone to let them know she wouldn't be there. So, they knew something was wrong. THAT is amazing to me! If I didn't make it somewhere at the time I was supposed to be there, people would just assume that I overslept, and more than likely, they'd be right!  Never the less, I digress.  When I'm late for work (which rarely happens *insert side eyes*), I can always count on Brother A tohelp me out.

Over the years, I've watched Brother A slowly embrace advancing technology. Where some "veterans" shun progression, he takes his role as a servant to the community seriously, making whatever adjustments are needed to ensure he is kept in a position that allows him to serve.  Believe it or not, he's blogging and EVERYTHING! Check him out.

This morning, as I ascended the stairs outside, I noticed a little slush on each step.

This is after a few hours of melting.
This is after a few hours of melting.

My first thought was that I hope Brother A saw it on his way in. He often says his eyes are not as good as they used to be. Then, something in my mind said (yes, prepare yourself because by now you should know how my mind works), "Well, he's not laying at the bottom of the steps. So, I guess he made it in alright."

Now, I wore some Timberlands to work, prepared for the need of slip resistance, but I know he didn't. If I know Brother A as well as I think I do, I know he left home early enough to take his time and arrive at work early enough to take his time up the stairs.... OR he entered the building downstairs and came up the stairs inside.... Now that I think of it, that's probably what he did!  I take all of my compliments and kind thoughts back. Just kidding.  Brother A is still an awesome coworker, and I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to see him regularly.

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