The Tuscaloosa Thread asked the two men running to become the next mayor of Northport to say in their own words why voters should choose them when they head to the polls in Tuesday's runoff election.

Bobby Herndon's column making his case is included below in its entirety.

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"I was mayor of Northport from November 2008 until November of 2016.
During that 8 years our city accomplished many great things.
We went after and got our first ever bond rating which saved our citizens money any time the city had to borrow funds.
We replenished our aging fleets in all city departments.
We bought out the Sand Springs water system which brought in new revenue for the city.
We dedicated two new fire stations.
We gained respect with cities and agencies statewide.
We attracted many new businesses to our city.
We remodeled City Hall.
I want to work the next four years to make Northport the preferred city anywhere to live, shop and work.
With a great city council coming in and my experience getting things done I am sure we will accomplish this goal.
On October 6th, vote experience and heart for mayor."

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