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The Tuscaloosa County Wildcats (1-4) won against the Gadsden City Titans (3-3) in a close game on Friday night. 

"We had one of the best practices we could have in a very long time and that poured over into the game. We found a good way to take our preparation to the field and our good habits take over and we won the game," said Tuscaloosa County head coach Jay Todd.

The game from both teams was very strong and intense from the start. The lead of the game kept going back and forth between the teams. It was unknown until the last second of who would win the game.

In the first quarter, the Gadsden City Titans set the stage for the game by scoring the first touchdown with after nine minutes of play. JC Woods for the Titans caught a beautiful pass into the end zone.

Tuscaloosa County reacted quickly – Damien Taylor rushed through the players to score the next points. The game was tied 7-7.

The second quarter was a battle between the Wildcats and the Titans. Tuscaloosa Academy was the first to break the ice, but with only two minutes remaining in the quarter. Taylor for the Wildcats ran the ball to score another touchdown.

The relentless Titans never gave up. With only 40 seconds left until halftime, Gadsden City took over the game and threw a glorious pass to Woods. The score at end the second quarter was 14-13.

Tuscaloosa County had something to prove coming into the third quarter. The Wildcats had lost all but one game so far coming into the game. With eight minutes left, Taylor for the Wildcats carries the ball into the end zone.

Tuscaloosa County was next to score again from the 20-yard line. Cedric Williams followed the ball past the goal line, making the score 26-14.

With Tuscaloosa County two points ahead, the Titans had to think of something fast. Gadsden City running back Christopher Miller plowed through the Wildcats' defense to score the next touchdown with three minutes remaining in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was a battlefield. Gadsden City was only down by one touchdown. The Titans had everything under their control but allowed a safety to happen, scoring the Titans two more points.

Gadsden City was in a rush to score three more points to win the game. The Tuscaloosa County defense never let up and held the Titans until the end of the game. The final score was 26-23.

Tuscaloosa County will play Oak Mountain next week. Gadsden City will play Thompson at home for their next game.

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