Red, white and blue -- the colors of America and your new choices for wine.

A winemaker in Spain called Gik has unveiled blue wine, a concoction for the Smurf lover in all of us.

How exactly does Gik create a drink that looks like it could serve as Windex substitute? According to Observer:

This seemingly unnatural hue comes from an 'undisclosed blend' of red and white grapes from vineyards outside of Madrid. But to give it that extra special blue hue they add anthocyanin, a pigment found in grape skin, along with an indigo dye.

"Undisclosed blend," huh? That doesn't inspire us too much. That's like Pringles using potatoes -- not from Idaho, but from neighboring Wyoming.

Anyhoo, the blue wine goes for $11 a bottle in select European countries. Good news, though -- it will eventually cross the pond and be sold in the U.S., so we Americans don't have to remain blue with envy for much longer.

Blue wine is pretty radical and may have some company in the offbeat department with wine for cats. Because felines need to drink up like a hobo.

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