In a case of "Church Announcements Gone Wrong," a woman finds out that her husband secretly married another woman!

According to Essence, 57-year-old Miltha Plaismond was enjoying service at the End Time Sabbath Worship Center near Pine Hills, Florida when the pastor stood at the altar and announced that Patrick Celicourt, a regular church attendee, was newly married. The problem with this is that Plaismond and Celicourt had been married for 21 years and were not divorced.

As any woman would upon hearing the news, Plaismond fled the church immediately and went home to research the news.... Then again, in the age of technology, many women probably would have researched the news right there during service. Never the less, Plaismond took a copy of the couple's marriage license as well as his new one to the local sheriff's office. Celicourt was soon arrested and faces charges of bigamy and making false official statements.

Now, if committing bigamy is the new method of avoiding alimony payments, be it known that the debt paid to the ex is probably better than the debt to be paid to society. In this case, it just may not be cheaper to keep her.