Many await Jesus Christ's return to set up the Kingdom of God. However, few know how He will do this. I have a feeling that it will not take place as most expect.

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Consider today's world! Advances in technology and industry have never been greater. What was once science fiction is now everyday reality. Material prosperity abounds for millions of people across the Western world. But what about the half of mankind, billions!, who have little or nothing? What about mankind's rapid decline in values, morals and character, once believed to be the most vital underpinnings of any society? Is the human race equipped, and are its leaders collectively willing, to solve the greatest challenges of civilization, or must a greater unseen power intervene?

Jesus taught His disciples to pray, "Your Kingdom come!" The next thing He instructed was directly related: "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." A loving God must soon send His Kingdom to end man's failed experiment or there will be no world to receive it!


Jesus Christ's Return, His "Second Coming", is central to Christianity. Billions are awaiting for it. Scoffers deny it. But those who know anything of God's Word know Jesus is returning. Every indicator suggests His Coming cannot be far away. The Bible speaks extensively about how Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God, sometimes called the Kingdom of Heaven. Few things could be more important. Jesus Himself plainly described How God's Kingdom will begin, and it is not what we have learned. God' Kingdom will bring His marvelous way of life to those living in it, which will one day include the whole world.

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