For the life of me, I will never be able to understand why Auburn consistently feels like it can compete with the University of Alabama.

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It's bad enough that they only have two measly championships to our eighteen and counting. But when's the last time Auburn really won a football game or had a winning football season?

So according to Southern Living, Auburn is ranked as a higher and better college town, than Tuscaloosa.

Southern Living released their list of the South's Best College Towns of 2022 and Tuscaloosa came in at number seven overall, while Auburn was ranked number three.

How did this happen? Who voted and how do they qualify to be able to vote? We need a recount of the vote so the truth can be shown.

The continuous delusion of Auburn fans believing their superior to Alabama has to stop. How could you even begin to say that Auburn has a better college town when we have Bryant-Denny Stadium,  The Strip, Dreamland barbecue and not to mention college football's best program in history.

To whoever is rigging these lists ranking Auburn over Tuscaloosa, please stop the madness.

It has to be someone who's a fan of Auburn who continuously gets upset because they can never win a game. We all know the truth. Whenever you see an Auburn fan, online or in person, be sure to give them a huge ROLL TIDE!

You can view the complete list of Southern Living's Best College Towns of 2022 by clicking here.

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