It is not uncommon for parents to lie to their children, "the tooth fairy left you some money", however lies that stem from frustration or are meant to coerce, or sometimes even protect a child, can backfire.

One study published in the journal Developmental Science found that children ages 5, 6 and 7 who discovered their parents lied to them are more likely to cheat and lie about doing most things. Although the reasons weren't clear, one possibility could be that children don't feel obligated to be truthful to someone they consider to be a liar.

Common lies parents tell their children and why they really don't work.

"It won't hurt"

If your child fears the dentist or getting a shot at the doctor's office, assuring them that the experience will be painless may come from a protective place, but, it does not help a child deal with difficult or uncomfortable situations and could even compound their fear the next time.

"Everything is going to be all right"

It is inevitable that children will feel frightened by the world around them, whether it's from experiencing a tragedy firsthand or watching the news. Instead of providing them with a false sense of security, view these events as age-appropriate opportunities for an honest dialogue.

What lies do you tell your children?

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