Nawwww, Bill Cosby! Not another one! (He looks like he's saying, "That's what I was thinking!)

Another woman has come forward, saying she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby.  This one was supposedly a "Jane Doe" in a suit brought against the actor-comedian in 2005. She says she's breaking her silence to tell other women that it's ok for them to break their silence.

Here's the problem I have with all of this:

If one woman came out with allegations in 2005 and a settlement was reached that silenced her and 12 others, why didn't the current accusers come out back then?  AND once a new accuser emerged, why didn't these others come forward immediately?  I can see POSSIBLY see one or two not coming forward in 2005, but how is it that SO MANY stayed silent AND STILL remained silent after the next round began last year?  If it was me and I missed the 2005 boat, you better believe as soon as the next accuser came forward, I would have made a statement the next day, "Girl, me too!"  But this debacle has been going on for MONTHS!  Why?

And then, this one who is revealing herself has zero relevance.  She just wanted to encourage others who may have been assaulted to come forward. If they haven't come forward by now, they're not going to! She just wanted to put herself out there, in my opinion.  I think she provided only her first name to give investigators and nosy people a little to go on so they could find her without her actually looking thirsty for attention. It could just be me, but I see no point in "coming out" when your case has already been closed.