This weekend, I took on the ambitious task of hanging out with my 4-year-old daughter and her 3-, 4-, and 7-year-old cousins... By myself! Hey, my older brother and my sister do it all the time.  Surely, I could handle it. Right?

Well, initially, I'd planned to take them to Discover the Dinosaurs, but by the time I got everything situated Friday, it was 6:00.  If we'd left then, we wouldn't make it inside the BJCC until 7:00, leaving them only 2 hours to enjoy the exhibit.  Since I wasn't completely sure what to expect, I decided not to go Friday night. As a consolation, I told them we'd go to Which Wich, which they LOVE.

Did you see above where I said four girls between ages 4 and 7? Well, you KNOW a bathroom break was a necessity, right? Guess when it happened: Right after we ordered our food. Two had to go. So, I took them and left the other two at the table after asking a couple to keep an eye on them for me.

So, we get back to the table, which by the way is bar-height because that was the only type that would seat five people. The problem is that this was too tall for the smaller ones to eat comfortably. So, they attempted to sit with their legs folded under them, giving them a little added height; but this was a bit awkward in trying to maintain their balance.  As expected, MINE knocked over her milk. Yep, all over the floor.

And who did everybody look at? ME.  One well-meaning young lady said upon her exit, "You have such pretty girls." I started to correct her saying, "Girl, all these kids ain't mine!"  Instead, I smiled and said thanks. They were, after all, mine for the night. We switched to a different table, and I sat at a different table beside the one where they were. This made things much easier and neater.  After eating and assured them we'd go to Discover the Dinosaurs Sunday afternoon and decided to take them to see the view from Woods N Water.  THEY LOVED IT! But being as curious as they are, they wanted to go inside the store.

We went inside, and you would have thought they were on a field trip.  They had the BEST time looking at the mounted animals and different bait. Then, as if they've NEVER seen a mannequin, they wanted to take a picture with one. So, like I nut, I took it.

Saturday, my older brother took all of the girls (and his other niece and nephew) to an event with his church, back to his house for some hours, and then to Cici's Pizza.  I don't know how he managed, but he's clearly better equipped than I am to handle that many kids at one time.  I worked Saturday afternoon but used the rest of that time to do some things around my house... And rest in preparation for Sunday.

After church, I got my nieces-- and also grabbed my sister and brother (I ain't crazy, I know my limitations) --and we headed to Discover the Dinosaurs.

The girls had a blast both inside the exhibit and taking pictures outside the BJCC by the water.

We stayed until closing; and being the best aunt ever, I stopped for ice cream on the way home. I'm still not the favorite aunt.  My sister holds that title. But I AM coming in a close second.  After all, it's only two of us.