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The Worship Encounter is proud to present The Community Choir Workshop, an inspiring and enriching three-day event designed to bring together choir members, worship leaders, and music enthusiasts from across the region. Held at the Fellowship of Faith in Huntsville, Alabama, this workshop promises to be a transformative experience filled with music, learning, and fellowship. The event will be held at Fellowship of Faith, 3703 Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, Alabama on August 1-3, 2024.
Pastor Troy Garner: Known for his dynamic leadership and passionate preaching, Pastor Garner will share his insights on the power of worship and the role of music in ministry. Ingram Franklin: A distinguished choir director and music educator, Franklin will provide expert guidance on choir management and vocal techniques. Choir leader & gospel artist Ricky Miller: Renowned for his musical talent and inspirational teachings, Miller will lead sessions on worship leadership and the integration of music and ministry. The event will be skillfully hosted by Alex Ward, whose vibrant personality and extensive experience in worship leadership will ensure a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Panel Discussions: Engage with our special guests and other industry experts in insightful panel discussions covering topics such as the evolution of church music, the challenges of choir ministry, and the future of worship.

Choir Concert: Experience the power of collective worship through a choir concert that will showcase the talents of workshop participants and special guests. This concert is a celebration of community, faith, and the transformative power of music.

Choir Ministry Workshops: Participate in a series of hands-on workshops designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Topics will include vocal techniques, choir arrangement, worship planning, and effective rehearsal strategies.

Worship Recharge: Reconnect with your passion for worship through dedicated sessions aimed at refreshing your spirit and reigniting your commitment to ministry. These sessions will include devotional time, personal reflection, and group worship experiences.

Rehearsals and More Practice makes perfect, and our scheduled rehearsals will provide the opportunity to apply what you've learned in a supportive and collaborative environment. Additional activities will include networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and fellowship gatherings.

The Community Choir Workshop is more than just a series of events; it’s an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Whether you're a seasoned choir director or a passionate singer looking to deepen your involvement in worship ministry, this workshop offers valuable insights, practical skills, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Join them at Fellowship of Faith in Huntsville from August 1-3, 2024, for an unforgettable experience. Embrace the chance to learn from some of the best in the field, connect with fellow worshippers, and elevate your choir ministry to new heights.

Mark your calendars and prepare for three days of inspiration, education, and worship. They look forward to welcoming you to The Community Choir Workshop!

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