One difficult part of growing older is the fear of dementia and the loss of short-term memory. However, Dr. Benjamin Mast, an expert on the topic of Alzheimer's disease, offers some encouragement. He says that patients' brains are often so "well worm" and "habitual" that they can hear an old hymn and sing along to every word. He suggests that spiritual disciplines such as reading Scripture, praying, and singing hymns cause truth to become 'embedded" in our brains, ready to be accessed when prompted.

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In (Psalms 119:11), we read how the power of hiding God's words in our heart can keep us from sinning. It can strengthen us, teach us obedience, and direct our footsteps.

This in turn gives us hope and understanding. Even when we begin to notice memory slops in ourselves or in the life of a loved one, God's Word, memorized years earlier, is still there, "stored up" or "treasured" in the heart. Even as our minds lose the keen edge of youth, we know that God's words, hidden in our hearts, will continue to speak to us.


Nothing, not even failing memories, can separate us from His love and care. We have His word on it. God's promises never fail.


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