Poor Darby may never live this one down--the Alabama teen's terrible tale of getting suck in a Barney costume has gone viral. 

al.com reports that 15-year-old Darby Risner was attending a church lock-in in Trussville over the weekend when she decided to prank her friends. She thought she'd surprise them by sneaking up on them after donning the head to a Barney the Dinosaur costume.

Darby, however, was the one in for a surprise.

When she wanted to take off the costume, the Barney head wouldn't budge. Darby was stuck, and no amount of help from friends and family was able to free her. They drove Darby--still in the Barney head--to the local fire station.

The Trussville Fire Department eventually had to cut Darby out of the mask. She was, thankfully, uninjured, and the Trussville FD tells al.com this call is one they'll be talking about for years to come.

Unfortunately for Darby, her story's become big news--just check out some of these headlines.