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The Alabama Rivers Alliance is hosting its first virtual film festival Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Hosted by the Alabama Rivers Alliance, Energy Alabama, Waterkeepers Alabama and Flint River Conservation Association, tickets are $10 and the admission purchase includes a membership to the Alabama Rivers Alliance and Energy Alabama.

Courtesy of a list from Bham Now, here are the films that will be featured during the festival:

  1. In Your Hands: Environmentally focused and beautifully soundtracked, this film pulls viewers in with colorful and raw imagery, forcing them to consider their own impact on the primitive existence of the world.
  2. Wave Hands Like Clouds: This film highlights the beauty that is tight rope walking, an intimate moment suspended between our earth and heaven above.
  3. A Fisher’s Right to Know: Have you ever wondered why women are not supposed to eat fish while pregnant? The fishers at Coosa River endeavor to find out which fish are safe to consume.
  4. Where the Wild Things Keep Playing: Following the adventures of outdoor athletes, this film appreciates the natural beauty of mountainous terrain, pristine waters, and everything in between.
  5. Rocky Intertidal Zones (Oregon): Follow a seven-year-old intertidal expert as he explores the beautiful Oregon Coast.
  6. Words Have Power: Another film that appreciates the younger generation, this film follows a ten-year-old environmental justice advocate who is actively working against the coal-fired power plant in her town.
  7. There’s Something in the Water: This animated documentary appreciates the natural beauty of Caddo Lake in Texas and how the intricate ecosystem impacts the people that live near it.
  8. Detroit Hives: Promoting diversity in East Detroit, these beekeepers are working tirelessly to create opportunities for Michigan’s urban youth.
  9. Love Trails and Dinosaurs: Living with autism and a newfound passion for hiking, this documentary follows the story of Garan Moore as he attempts to hike every trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  10. Every Nine Minutes: The Monterey Bay Aquarium is the highlight of this cinematic piece that showcases the construction of a life-size blue whale made entirely out of locally sourced plastic.
  11. See Animals: This animated short leaves a lot to the imagination as it questions the stability of an unstable ecosystem.
  12. This Land: Follow advocate Faith E. Briggs as she runs from the streets of Brooklyn to three National Monuments while exploring the controversy behind public lands in the United States.
  13. Nature Now: An eco-friendly film production viewed millions of times calls humanity to action in an effort to heal the devastating effects of climate change.

For those interested in attending the festival, tickets can be purchased here.



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