With everything happening with the Coronavirus, some people aren't able to work and will have to shift around things just to make ends meet. It's easy to wonder what companies will be providing grace periods or even suspending payments during this crisis. Alabama Power has announced that they will not disconnect services or charge late fees to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Predators tend to create phone scams during times like these to take advantage of customers and Alabama Power is doing their part to ensure that you don't fall victim. They shared a few tips on their website:


Customers should be aware that:

  • While bills may indicate that a customer is at risk of disconnection, we are suspending those actions for any customer affected by COVID-19.

  • Alabama Power does not call customers requesting immediate payment, bank or credit card information. Our method of notification for service disconnection is not by phone. Any contact of this nature is a scam and an attempt to take advantage of our customers during a vulnerable time. If customers are unsure if a call is a scam, we encourage them to hang up and contact Customer Service.

I'm sure in these times, customers can very much appreciate Alabama power making sure we're aware of potential scams and willing to work with those affected by the COVID-19 crisis.


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