Alabama High School Has Entire Football Team Under Quarantine

Last month the AHSAA announced that high school football would continue as planned with no delay. I'm sure many high school students were excited about this news as they're eager to play the game they love. This decision doesn't come without risks involved due to COVID-19.

According to ABC 33/40, Oneonta High School has put their entire football team under quarantine due to some team members showing symptoms of COVID-19. I've spent a few weeks being quarantined myself and it's no fun. Especially when you're itching to get back outside to something you really want to do, like play football. I remember being on the football team in high school. I can't imagine trying to practice social distancing in that locker room. Football is a close contact sport, so social distancing definitely isn't possible while playing the game.

This is the second time the Oneonta High School football team has been placed on quarantine. Earlier this summer the team had two coaches and four players test positive for COVID-19. I can only imagine how the players & coaches on the team feel. I'm sure the desire to play football and compete this upcoming season doesn't just fade away. On the other hand, being in the middle of a pandemic makes you reconsider just how important playing football this season may or may not be.

With a few weeks left before the start of the high school football season, the safety of players and coaches is very real. We hope those affected by the Coronavirus make a full recovery and the others remain safe.

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