I've always wondered what went on behind the scenes in the Alabama Football facilities. Today, it looks like I've found that answer thanks to this viral Tik Tok video.

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A few University of Alabama football players have some people concerned that they may be punished after their viral stunt. The video involves the team's athletic trainer and was posted on Tik Tok.

Since it was originally uploaded, the video has gained over 1 million followers in less than two months.

In the video, a few players can be seen carrying what's said to be an Alabama Football Athletic Trainer through the facility. In the on-screen caption, it says that this is the trainer's birthday so the team got him a special gift.

After carrying the trainer through the facilities, three players toss the coach into the freezing waters of the team's recovery pool. By the way, the coach jumped up, it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Check out the viral Tik Tok video below.


Ok, so first thing first. Do you think the players were punished for this? Did they deserve to or was it all done in good fun?

Regardless of what went down after the video was filmed, I think we're all pretty much wondering the same thing. Did coach Nick Saban see this video?

The uploader of the viral video happens to be on the same page that originally uploaded the viral Tik Tok video "How our Australian punter pronounces American words."

For more Alabama football Tik Tok videos, check them out here. 


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