A wild weekend of college football was highlighted by a last second blocked punt that helped lift Michigan State over Michigan.

Here is the jaw-dropping play just in case you missed it:

This, of course, is the kind of play that will be replayed over and over again. Michigan State fans will never forget it, and Michigan fans can only wish that they will forget about it.

Unfortunately, these plays also have an ugly side, especially when it involves a special teams player.

Michigan punter Blake O'Neill has already received some disgusting criticism from the play, but he has also received some words of encouragement from people that have, literally, felt his pain. One of the players that reached out to O'Neill through social media was Alabama kicker Adam Griffith.

There may not be another special teams player in college football that can relate to O'Neill as well as Griffith can. It was Griffith's missed field goal in the 2013 Iron Bowl that led to the notorious 'Kick Six'.

Both Griffith and O'Neill will forever be associated with plays that led to their team's loss. However, it is encouraging to see that these players are looking out for each other.