A Case for Continued Mask Wearing . . .

The new vaccines are out and will perhaps prevent us from becoming sick with COVID-19. There is no way to ascertain whether the vaccines will prevent us from spreading the virus to others, however, that information will develop soon.

As I read all of the data from the vaccines trials, it appears that these trials only tracked how many vaccinated people became sick with the virus. That brings the possibility that some vaccinated persons could become infected without actually developing symptoms, and could then silently pass the virus, if in close contact with others or stop wearing masks. Just think if vaccinated persons are silent spreaders of the virus, they could keep it moving in the communities, placing those that are not vaccinated at risk. There are many who think that if they get vaccinated, they are not going to have to wear a mask anymore. Common sense should indicate that it is going to be important for these individuals to realize that they should continue wearing masks, because they could still be contagious.

According to scientists, most respiratory infections, including the current coronavirus, the nose is the single entry point. It is reported that the virus rapidly multiplies there, jolting the immune system to produce a variety of antibodies that are specific to mucous, the moist tissue lining the nose, mouth, lungs and the stomach. According to my recent reading, it indicates that if the same person is exposed to the virus a second time, those antibodies, as well as immune cells that remember the virus, instantly shut down the virus in the nose before it has a chance to take hold anywhere in the body. The COVID-19 vaccines, in contrast, are being injected into the muscles and appear to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies. According to recent research, this procedure appears to be protection enough to prevent the vaccinated person from becoming ill. If you have not been vaccinated, please do so today!

When we witness people who are in leadership positions in our community, telling people not to wear masks or not to worry about social distancing or not to get vaccinated, it; troubling.This is similar to someone in a leadership position telling someone to drink and drive. Why would they do that...It's contrary to good public health sense.

Vaccinated or Non-vaccinated, please keep wearing the Masks!

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