After living in the Druid City for over a decade, I have noticed that the drivers here seem to be completely unaware that doing this one simple thing can make everyone's lives easier.

I'm going out on a limb here and estimating that about 75 percent of y'all don't know about this one simple trick. It's so easy to do, and heck, most people would say it's just common sense:


Wild, huh? Did YOU know this crazy fact?

STOP your car when the traffic signal turns red!

When you see a traffic light, you're actually supposed to STOP your vehicle. Use the brakes to bring your car to a stop. I know your first instinct is to just plow on through the intersection because you're, like, so important BUT fight that urge and hit the brakes.

I know this is going against every fiber of your being, but trust me: a RED light means STOP.

I was almost t-boned TWICE on my way to work this morning, and in both instances the wreck would have been caused by someone who ran a red light. I may be a nihilist millennial, but I don't actually have a death wish, people.

Can y'all just please STOP at red lights? It's not hard. I believe in you.

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